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 An Exclusive Interview with Tha Kid

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An Exclusive Interview with Tha Kid Empty
PostSubject: An Exclusive Interview with Tha Kid   An Exclusive Interview with Tha Kid EmptyThu 06 Nov 2008, 3:53 am

Aiight... let's get this interrogation poppin... lolz.

How old are you realistically... . and also...
At what age did you begin writing your own material? Was there anything imparticular
that influenced your start for writing your own lyrics?

Realistically, I’m 18 since August and I started writing around 9 or 10 years old. Just listening to rap influenced me, I heard a lot of Eminem’s raps that I could relate to and thought, shiitt maybe I should start rapping lol.

Defining your style of lyricism, what would you say it mostly consists of and what do you
think it is that makes your style of lyricism unique?

My style is…impeccable haha but its simple its basically punches and multies…and greatness lol.

Who's been the most influential mainstream artist for you, personally... and why? Have you ever thought that you'd be better than them?

A lot of artists influenced me, but mainly Eminem. And as for being better, yes and no. He better than me when it comes to his style and type of rapping and I'm better than him when it comes my style and type of rapping. No one can be me better than I can.

When writer's block comes between you and your lyricism, is there any strategy
that you use to combat being overtaken by it? Can you give HGR a brief breakdown
of what you do and how it works?

Lol. Still trying to figure out a strategy for that. From what I heard, from a wise man lol, you gotta kick that bitch in the mouth lol

Who's been the toughest opponent for you in battle so far, in terms of the Net, and why? Who won, and have you beat that particular person
in a battle yet?

Well…I don’t know…I don’t sweat over that shit ya know? Whether your good or your shit I’m still coming at you the same way, I’m not going to give 200% effort on a vet and only give 60% effort on a noob :high:…ya get what I’m saying? Lol or am I making no sense here?

What category of the Cats' would you say you are strongest in... and also, which of them
would you say is the most important?

Well, I would say [and what I think others would say] punches & multies are my strengths. And as far as what categories are the most important I would have to say punches & multies, that’s why I made sure those are my strong-points.

Naming only one of the Open Mic methods of writing, which one would you say you're most skilled in - be it Topicals, Cyphers, H-Core... etc, etc...

Strictly writtens, as long as I can plan out my rhymes I’m good. I suck at the rest. Lol. Whether its Topicals, H-Core, etc. I have trouble staying on topic most of the time.

Do you follow any sort of procedure when getting prepared for a battle - of any type?
If so, how would that go, in terms of what steps you take?

Getting prepared for a battle…I just get mad. That’s how I do it. Sometimes if I’m really desperate for anger and I have to drop in like 5 mins [I’m a procrastinator] I’ll even go as far as punching my wall lol.

Share with the HG Raps' population your opinion of this forum itself... and would you
say it's appropriately beneficial to those who'd register?

Smh! I love this site lol, I’m one of the admins I have to love it haha jk jk. Yeah its definitely beneficial. Yeah we don’t have a lot of activity right now but when you can drop a verse and [for the most part] get some nice quality feed it’s a good thing. Its just a good place to elevate your game in a friendly environment.

Last question from HG Raps Administration Interviewer
How do you see your style 3 months from now - and would you say that
you elevate at the rate you desire in HG Raps?

My style in 3 months --- faultless haha….yeah my main thing right now is getting out of that writers block.

POP Questions:
*questions that remain annonymously asked, and are from members of HG Raps*

What do you get out of battling people on the internet, personally?

Well, I get the same feeling of battling over the internet as I do in person, superior lol. Everyone knows I’m a confident motherfucker and I wont hide that, the internet just lets me do it even more.

Do you plan to further your text'ceeing? Like delving into audio and maybe making a carreer or something out of it?

I’ll always do text, no matter what. I’m contemplating audio but I need cash first. And I'll take a career as a rapper but I'm not relying on that I want something to fall back on.

What's your favorite quote?

Puff Puff Pass With Yo’ Punk Ass.


thank you for this opportunity, Kid... And... stay up.
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An Exclusive Interview with Tha Kid
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