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 Callouts Forum Notice

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Callouts Forum Notice Empty
PostSubject: Callouts Forum Notice   Callouts Forum Notice EmptySun 26 Oct 2008, 3:15 am

* Same as the text call out section *


For starters... make sure you specify what type of battle you want... ie;

> Str8 Text
> Multies
> H-Core
> Topical
> Punchline
> Special Battle...

Decide what type of battle you're going to choose and then suggest the battle specs
you wish to follow in the callout. You can make a battles rules as technical as you like...
but I suggest consulting with the member you wish to battle, first. That way, there won't
be a huge waste of call out posts. Some members prefer simple battles over heavily
regulated ones... like having a lengthy list of rules for the battle.

Make sure you put the name [if you specify who it's going to be] in the topic title...
this is a standard protocol, so I'm sure most are familiar with this.

After all the callout needs are complete, and the battle has been accepted, you may then
go on to set up the battle in the corresponding battle thread. Make sure you post your
battle thread in the right forum. I, along with the rest of the team will find much annoyance
if we're required to move a buch of battles around.

Thank you... [ Admin ]
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Callouts Forum Notice
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